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Reddick Equipment Company of NC, LLC

787 Gay Road
Pavo, GA 31778-
Phone Number (800) 334-3388
Internet www.reddickequipment.com
Company Description

Mr. Jesse Whitley Mr. Todd Williamson
Sales Manager General Manager
1909 W Main Street 1909 W Main Street
Williamston, NC Williamston, NC 27892
800-334-3388 252-792-1191
jesse@reddick.cc todd@reddick.cc

Reddick Equipment Company manufactures sprayers and agricultural equipment. We currently produce models for multiple markets including: Lawn & Turf, Pest Control, Tree Care, Agricultural, Nursery & Deicing. Because of our diverse customer base we offer a wide range of equipment to meet various application needs. Our frames are available in mild steel and aluminum, and we offer tank sizes from 8 gallons up to 10,000 gallon vertical storage tanks. With more than $1.8 million in sprayer parts inventory we can build most equipment right off the shelf and provide parts for most major brands throughout the industry.

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