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Dieci United States LLC

Jorge Salas
5500 Nafex Way
Dallas FW, TX 76131-
Phone Number (844) 257-2933
Fax (412) 458-1084
Email 15db0fc5-f00e-429c-bd5c-a1bc1c97e8b7
Company Description

We started out in 1962 by designing and building concrete mixers and in 1983 we were one of the first European manufacturers to develop and produce a range of telehandlers. Our offering has continued to expand over the years: in 1998 we presented the S.I.R. telehandler series — Samson, Icarus and Runner.
In 2000 we unveiled the now well-known Pegasus family of telehandlers with 360- and 400-degree rotating boom. More recently we launched HERCULES, the new line of high load capacity vehicles for heavy industry, as well as the AGRI PLUS and AGRI TECH for Agriculture Telehandlers, which are specially designed for intensive agricultural use. Added to this is the Agri Pivot range of wheel loaders with telescopic boom.

Dieci Americas Telehandlers was formed in mid 2014 to respond to the demand of the US market due to the growth of the Dieci brand. Dieci Americas is the single source for all Dieci products distributed in the Americas and is managed by a seasoned equipment team. Lead by Jorge Salas, Dieci Americas Telehandlers has already made a significant impact meeting our customers needs for advanced machines and providing a support system for all Dieci products in the Americas.

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